Grainhouse | Digital partners with Brooklyn based Bromin7 to create a comprehensive digital transformation for organizations of virtually any size.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is much more than running a Facebook or Google Ad.  There are so many emerging channels and new way's for brands to sell if they miss it, their companies will become relics.  This is as much about staying relevant as it is about growth. 


  • Discovery
    At this stage, we learn everything we can about your brand as well as your marketing goals.
  • Strategy
    We’ll then work on planning the content and channel strategies designed to set you apart from others.
  • Execution
    This is the part where we stop asking questions and get to ACTION!
  • Monitor and Adjust
    Are we getting close to our KPIs? Do you need to change the course and try new things? Those are some of the questions we’ll be constantly asking.

Mobile First Strategy 

We are all day-trading attention.  Your brand is no different.  You have to sell where customers eyeballs are.  It doesn't take an expensive marketing survey to figure that out.  Go to your favorite local restaurant or even look at the drivers next to you on the roads.  They are all looking at their phones.  Almost all businesses are now heavily reliant on mobile integration with various technologies, including Big Data, web services, wearable and other IoT devices.

Our mobile apps team understands the intricate process of turning your concepts into reality. We know that your intended audience will think of your app as either hit or miss; that’s why we focus on blending aesthetics and functionality to create a truly unique and engaging user experience with responsive interface design.


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Data-Driven, Native, Web Development 

Beyond just great looking web design, Grainhouse Digital in collaboration with our partners at Broomin7 will design a complete end-end solution set that is designed to do one thing: Drive results. 

We focus on the following when we work on your web and mobile applications:

  • Turning your concept into functional and aesthetically pleasing applications
  • A focus on user experience
  • Superior interface design
  • Multiple integration points for web applications
  • Cross platform integration
  • Consulting services from conception to app creation

We’re not limited to just designing and creating applications. When you work with us, our team will help you create an effective business model to boost your business’ competitiveness and turn you into leaders and authorities in your industry.

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