Apparel + Fashion


Apparel & Fashion…

At Grainhouse, we’ve forecasted and witnessed a few tectonic shifts in the apparel & fashion industry.

The industry is seeing new brands build directly to consumer companies for very little money—this is massively disrupting the fashion industry at every level. 

Even if a brand is already an incumbent, engaging on Instagram and other social platforms, pop-up retail, and other non-traditional means of commerce aren’t just recommendations for staying relevant—they’re requirements.

Brand advocates, ambassadors (those authentically loyal to a brand) and influencers (those loyal to a brand because of payment) are vital to creating authentic & honest marketing to connect a customer—not just to a product, but to a community. 

The source of the products also matter. It’s as much about doing good as it is about NOT harming the market by taking advantage of the environment or people.