Grainhouse | Accounting

On-Demand HR Services built from the ground up for growing companies from 0-100 employees and for enterprise companies who want to become nimble again.


Free Payroll For Individuals 

Every Grainhouse Partner or Grainhouse Advisory with qualified spend through Grainhouse has access to our payroll services in the United States at no cost.  All partners outside of the U.S. can select from our pre-approved partners at highly discounted Grainhouse partner only rates. 


A Full Suite of Services 

Accounting is an important part of growth.  Managing your resources well is vital.  We have put together a suite of services that allow growing companies to simply have this part of the their business covered. 

We offer:

A Subscription to XERO (Included)

Dedicated CPA Team 

Unlimited Tax Consulting 

Weekly Bookkeeping 

Monthly Profit and Loss 

Monthly Balance Sheet 

Bank Accounts OneUp to ThreeUnlimited

Credit Cards OneUp to ThreeUnlimited

Annual Tax Planning  

Corporate Tax Return  

Sales Tax Filing  

Payroll Filing   

Personal Tax Return

All of this for less then a cost of a paid intern.