Grainhouse Local

Market dominance > marketing

Traditional local selling is outdated and ineffective. We're developing custom-crafted solutions for individuals & small teams that do business in their local communities.  This isn't marketing. This is market dominance. 




Beauty & Spa 

Whether salons, barbershops, waxing franchises, or massage franchises, the beauty industry is changing by the month. With the soil ripe for innovation and more sustainable products to complement a growing awareness of the value of self-care, the industry is set to experience booming growth over the next five years. With an influx of new jobs and product lines, it will be tougher than ever for emerging local brands to break through. With custom strategies to draw the people of your community, we don't just help you stay afloat in the local marketplace—we help you thrive.


Local Eats

Urban areas across the globe are crawling with eateries. High-end restaurants, cafés, and even airport bistros are popping up everywhere in sight. As fast as most major cities are growing (a 5.3% population increase in just the last seven years), local food joints are doing their best to keep up with the pace. But in such a crowded marketplace, many are sinking before they swim. With tailored solutions, we help put butts in booths while turning your customers into passionate advocates that will share your awesome sandwich, espresso art work, matcha infused chicken and waffles (you get the point).  


Curated Shopping Districts 

The future of local commerce is out with the old and in with the...even older. Mixed communities with budding startup cultures, work-and-play atmospheres, Main Street-style reboots, or college redevelopments are becoming the beating hearts of cities across the world. So...what's our first move to get your business in the driver's seat of this type of marketplace? Telling a cohesive story of the owners, boutiques, artists, and makers that give these communities its voice. Curated shopping districts aren't going away any time soon, and neither are you. Market dominance is more fun when it happens sooner, not later.