Grainhouse did not come out of a think tank. We are not a management consulting firm (although we own one). We are not a co-working space (although we use them). We are a solution built by Founders for Founders.

The premise is this...2X. Our goal is to 2x your business. How do we do that? Expansion.

If you are in Barcelona, we want to bring you to Brooklyn. If you are in Madrid, we want to introduce you to Madison Ave. If you are in Lisbon, we want you to be the hottest company in LA. We sell where you are not. We market where you are not. We expand where you are not.

All of this for the cost of one (yes, just 1) full-time employee.

Now you understand why our tagline is “This is not Theory.” ...we are practitioners, founders, investors. We live for this. 

Designed for companies between 0-1M, 1-5M, and 5-10M in revenue. From experience, we know that the needs of Founders change around these natural pivot points.

First, understand one fundamental truth, we are you. We not only understand the ups and downs you go through as a founder, but we also live it. We live it today, we lived it yesterday, and God willing we will live it tomorrow. We are the Founders that win or lose it doesn’t matter because we know that it's not over until we say its over. We know we are the only ones keeping score and the marketplace doesn’t care if we are having a bad day.

We designed Grainhouse for you because, in truth, we designed it for us. Yes, we have packages for larger companies because the needs change for Founders at 1-5M and again from 5-10M. But know our hearts are with you... with the guys doing the big lift. Grinding. Balancing being a Dad & Husband at the same time. Balancing legacy. So here is our offer... its the best offer you will ever see... I know, we looked. This is not a firm that is going to give you self-help bullshit... or a bunch of videos. We do the work. Join us, and your odds of success just increased 100 fold.


Demand Generation: Our demand generation team will blow the doors off anything you have seen. This is all full contact direct prospecting. Not the phone call appointment setting crap we all get pitched. Every lead we set up with you is already interested in speaking with you and is a very likely decision maker. We approach leads from a place of authority.

RFP Opportunities: We have a VERY deep relationship with Ariba. They have a 1Trillion dollar global commerce ecosystem. We will pull you in on any relevant RFP opportunities.

Marketing: We will help promote you through earned media.
Vendor / Partners: We will introduce to you potential partners to help accelerate your business even more

Capital: Obviously if you need capital you will have access to our network of over 1500 private equity funds & family offices.


For all US operations, you would be a managed portfolio company of ours which means you get access to our general counsel who is full time/partner with Grainhouse. So your legal needs, for the most part, are covered.

Operations & Logistics -You will have access to our offices in the US and our staff. As P&L ramps up we can build out a dedicated team to you as well. Also because we run all spend and sales through Grainhouse we can typically shave 10-15% off of your spend while INCREASING quality or service. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.



We designed our pricing to be flexible for each unique business.

For the cost of one sales executive (base + commission) you get an entire team.

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