If you are a maker or a service provider we encourage you to explore joining Grainhouse.  We are onboarding suppliers slowly, but as we start to connect we expect our needs to quickly compound so, we are encouraging suppliers to get registered. 

We work on a flat 80/20 revenue share for individuals and small teams under $10M in revenue.  

We charge a monthly fee of $97mo for individuals and $970mo for teams in addition to the 20%.

How it works: 

1) We interview you to make sure there is a good fit and we feel confident we can be successful.

2) We get all the contracting out of the way. 

3) We on-board you and work through Grainhouse Foundations.

4) We establish our go-to-market strategy.

5) We introduce you into actionable deal flow.

6) We manage the process through close and provide contracting, billing, and customer success support.  

7) Repeat, while connecting with other Grainhouse partners to support sustainability and scale.

Joining Grainhouse

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