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Agricultural, Forestry and Landscaping Equipment
Fishing & Aquaculture Equipment

Crop Production, Management & Protection
Fisheries & Aquaculture
Land Preparation, Management & Protection
Landscaping & Horticulture Services
Livestock Services
Water Resources Development & Oversight
Wildlife & Flora

Luggage, Handbags, Packs & Cases
Personal Care Products
Sewing Supplies & Accessories

Bath and body

Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies
Industrial Laundry & Dry Cleaning Equipment
Janitorial Equipment
Water Treatment Supplies & Disposal

Communications Devices & Accessories
Computer & Storage Hardware
Computers & Peripherals
Data, Voice & Mobile Networking

Building Construction & Maintenance Services
General Building Construction
Maintenance Services

Concrete, Cement & Plaster
Construction & Maintenance Support Equipment
Doors, Windows & Glass
Exterior Finishing Materials
Interior Finishing Materials
Permanent Structures
Plumbing Fixtures
Portable Structure Building Components
Portable Structures
Prefabricated Structures
Roads & Landscape
Structural Building Products
Structural Materials & Basic Shapes

Consumer Electronics
Domestic Appliances
Domestic Kitchenware
Domestic Wall Treatments
Floor Coverings
Linens & Towels
Window Treatments

Graphic Design
Photographic Services
Professional Artists & Performers
Reproduction Services
Writing & Translations

Fluid & Gas Distribution
Heating, Ventilation & Air Circulation
Industrial Filtering & Purification
Industrial Pumps & Compressors

Agents Affecting Water & Electrolytes
Anti-Infective Drugs
Antineoplastic Agents
Autonomic Nervous System Drugs
Cardiovascular Drugs
Central Nervous System Drugs
Drugs Affecting the Ears, Eye, Nose & Skin
Drugs Affecting the Gastrointestinal System
Drugs Affecting the Respiratory Tract
Hematolic Drugs
Hormones & Hormone Antagonists
Immunomodulating Drugs
Miscellaneous Drug Categories
Veterinary Nutritional Supplement

Alternative Educational Systems
Educational Facilities
Educational Institutions
Specialized Educational Services
Vocational Training

Arts & Crafts Supplies
Classroom Decoratives & Supplies
Developmental, Professional Teaching Aids & Materials
Musical Instruments
Toys & Games

Electrical Equipment, Components & Supplies
Electrical Wire Management Devices, Accessories & Supplies
Lamps, Lightbulbs & Lamp Components
Lighting Fixtures & Accessories

Automation Control Devices, Components & Accessories
Discrete Semiconductor Devices
Electronic Hardware, Component Parts & Accessories
Electron Tube Devices & Accessories
Passive Discrete Components
Printed Circuits, Integrated Circuits & Microassemblies

Environmental Management
Environmental Protection
Pollutants Tracking, Monitoring & Rehabilitation Services
Pollution Tracking, Monitoring & Rehabilitation

Accounting & Auditing
Banking & Investment
Credit Agencies
Development Finance
Insurance & Retirement Services

Bread & Bakery Products
Cereal & Pulse Products
Chocolate, Sweeteners & Confectionary Products
Dairy Products & Eggs
Edible Oils & Fats
Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds
Meat & Poultry Products
Prepared & Preserved Foods
Seasonings & Preservatives
Tobacco & Smoking Products

Fuel For Nuclear Reactors
Gaseous Fuels & Additives
Lubricants, Oils, Greases & Anti-Corrosives

Accommodation Furniture
Classroom, Instructional, Institutional Furniture
Commercial & Industrial Furniture
Merchandising Furniture & Accessories

Alternative & Holistic Medicine
Comprehensive Health Services
Disease Prevention & Control
Food & Nutrition Services
Medical Equipment Services
Medical Practice
Medical Science Research & Experimentation

Heavy Construction Machinery & Equipment

Commercial Sports
Entertainment Services
Hotels, Lodging & Meeting Facilities
Performing Arts
Restaurants & Catering
Travel Facilitation

Cleaning & Janitorial Services
Decontamination Services
Refuse Disposal & Treatment
Toxic & Hazardous Waste Cleanup

Chicken Processing Machinery & Equipment
Electronic Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment
Foundry Machines & Supplies
Industrial Food & Beverage Equipment
Industrial Process Machinery & Supplies
Lapidary Machinery & Equipment
Leatherworking Machinery & Equipment
Lumber Processing Machinery & Equipment
Mass Transfer Equipment
Metal Cutting Machinery & Accessories
Metal Forming Machinery & Accessories
Metal Treatment Machinery
Mixers & Parts
Petroleum Processing Machinery
Rapid Prototyping Machinery & Accessories
Raw Material Processing Machinery
Textile Machinery & Accessories
Welding, Soldering and Brazing Machinery
Workshop Machinery & Supplies

Fibers, Textiles & Fabric Industries
Food & Beverage Industries
Machining & Processing Services
Manufacturing Of Electrical Goods & Precision Instruments
Manufacturing of Machinery & Transport
Manufacturing Support Services
Metal & Mineral Industries
Plastic & Chemical Industries
Wood & Paper Industries


Laboratory & Scientific Equipment
Laboratory Supplies & Fixtures
Measuring, Observing & Testing Instruments

Animal Containment & Habitats
Animal Feed
Domestic Pet Products
Fertilizers, Plant Nutrients & Herbicides
Floriculture & Silviculture Products
Live Animals
Pest Control Products
Saddlery & Harness Goods
Seeds, Bulbs, Seedlings & Cuttings

Adhesives & Sealants
Bearings, Bushings, Wheels & Gears
Dyeing & Tanning Extracts
Fabricated Bar Stock Assemblies
Fabricated Pipe Assemblies
Fabricated Plate Assemblies
Fabricated Sheet Assemblies
Fabricated Structural Assemblies
Fabricated Tube Assemblies
Gaskets & Seals
Grinding, Polishing & Smoothing Materials
Housings, Cabinets & Casings
Industrial Optics
Machined Castings
Machined Extrusions
Machined Forgings
Machined Raw Stock
Machine Made Parts
Magnets & Magnetic Materials
Paints, Primers & Finishes
Pneumatic, Hydraulic & Electric Control Systems
Rope, Chain, Cable, Wire & Strap
Stampings & Sheet Components

Containers & Storage
Industrial Refrigeration
Material Handling Machinery & Equipment
Packaging Materials
Packing Supplies

Clinical Nutrition
Dental Equipment & Supplies
Dialysis Equipment & Supplies
Emergency & Field Medical Services Products
Independent Living Aids For The Physically Challenged
Intravenous & Arterial Administration Products
Medical Apparel & Textiles
Medical Diagnostic Imaging & Nuclear Medicine Products
Medical Facility Products
Medical Sterilization Products
Medical Training & Education Supplies
Orthopedic, Prosthetic & Sports Medicine Products
Patient Care, Treatment Products & Supplies
Patient Exam & Monitoring Products
Physical, Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation Products
Postmortem & Mortuary Equipment
Respiratory, Anesthesia & Resuscitation Products
Surgical Products
Veterinary Equipment & Supplies
Wound Care Products

Earth & Stone
Fabrics & Leather Materials
Fibers, Threads & Yarns
Metal Oxide
Metal Waste & Scrap
Minerals & Ores & Metals
Non Edible Animal Products
Non Edible Plant & Forestry Products
Scrap & Waste Materials

Drilling & Exploration Equipment
Drilling & Operation Materials
Mining and Quarrying Machinery & Equipment
Operating & Production Equipment
Well Drilling & Operation Equipment

Mining Services
Oil / Gas Data Management & Processing Services
Oil / Gas Extraction & Production Enhancement Services
Oil / Gas Restoration & Reclamation Services
Oil / Gas Well Project Management Services
Oil & Gas Exploration Services
Well Drilling & Construction Services

Maintenance Services
Office & Desk Accessories
Office Machines & Supplies
Office Supplies

Civic Organizations, Associations & Movements
Religious Organizations
Work Related Organizations

Industrial Use Papers
Paper Materials
Paper Products

Domestic & Personal Assistance
Personal Appearance

Community & Social Services
Humanitarian Aid & Relief
International Relations
Political Systems & Institutions
Public Administration & Finance Services
Socio Political Conditions
Trade Policy & Regulation

Atomic & Nuclear Energy Equipment
Batteries, Generators & Kinetic Power Transmission
Electrical Wire, Cable & Harness
Power Generation
Power Sources

Audio & Visual Presentation & Composing Equipment
Photographic, Filming & Video Equipment
Photographic & Recording Media
Photographic Filmmaking Supplies
Printing & Publishing Equipment

Business Administration Services
Human Resources Services
Legal Services
Management Advisory Services
Marketing & Distribution
Real Estate Services
Trade Policy & Services

Information Services
Telecommunications Media Services

Electronic Reference Material
Printed Media
Signage & Accessories

Resins, Rosins & Derived Materials
Rubber & Elastomers


Conventional War Weapons
Fire Protection
Law Enforcement
Light Weapons And Ammunition
Personal Safety & Protection
Public Safety & Control
Rockets And Subsystems

Military Services & National Defense
Public Order & Safety
Security & Personal Safety

Gambling Equipment
Institutional Food Services Equipment
Vending Machines

Camping & Outdoor Equipment
Collectibles & Awards
Field & Court Sports Equipment
Fishing & Hunting Equipment
Fitness Equipment
Gymnastics & Boxing Equipment
Other Sports
Recreation and Pool Equipment & Supplies
Sports Equipment & Accessories
Target & Table Games
Watersports Equipment
Winter Sports Equipment



Computer Services
Earth Science Services
Information Technology Service Delivery
Manufacturing Technologies
Professional Engineering Services
SAP HANA - In-Memory Services

Mail & Cargo Transport
Material Packing & Handling
Passenger Transport
Transportation Repair & Maintenance Services
Transport Operations

Automotive Specialty Tools
Hand Tools
Hydraulic Machinery & Equipment
Pneumatic Machinery & Equipment

Aerospace Systems & Components
Marine Transport
Motor Vehicles
Non Motorized Cycles
Railway Machinery & Equipment
Transportation Components & Systems
Transportation Services Equipment
Vehicle Bodies & Trailers